Polystyrene Loosefill Packaging

Our expanded polystyrene loosefill packing chips are made form recycled expanded polystyrene. No need for custom cartons, ideal for irregular shaped items.

Polystyrene chips are a cheap and cheerful packaging solution. Good transit
protection on a budget. One size fits all. Polystyrene loosefill chips are ideal for use with any size box.

Irregular shaped chips.
Loosefill chips are irregular shaped to prevent settling and stop movement of the item during transit to minimize the risk of damage. Our research suggests transit damage is the single most common reason for goods to be returned.

Multiple item packing.
Using loosefill chips you can pack many smaller items in the same box, chips will prevent items colliding during transit.

Made from recycled polystyrene.
Polystyrene packing chips we supply are made from one hundred percent recycled polystyrene. Chips can be reused or further recycled.

8 cubic feet bags.
Standard bags are eight cubic feet. Not suitable for national delivery on small orders. Delivery is free to local customers.
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