Polystyrene Letters

We can manufacture polystyrene letters any size or font. Polystyrene is extremely light and relatively easy to work making it ideal for exhibitions and displays. Very easily suspended or propped.

From giant ten foot letters to minature one inch text. Size really isn't important. Larger polystyrene letters can be made sectional for ease of transportation and installation.

Computerised letter cutting.
We can cut most polystyrene letters using computer rezing software, templates and a manually operated hot wire polystyrene cutter. We have a computerised polystyrene cutter for the more complex items.

True type fonts are very easily scalable although we can work from most graphics for the more perculiar and detailed non true type fonts but generally speaking the better quality image we are furnished with the better quality the finished product will be. Polystyrene letters of any size are a great way to make an impact to the viewer.

Finishing and painting.
Letters are quoted in plain white unfinished polystyrene. We can offer a painting and finishing sevice on request. For one time or limited use polystyrene letters are best painted in a non solvent based paint such as emulsion or acrylic.

For repeated or long term use we recommend a coating of tissue or crepe paper and PVA before painting. This will stregthen the outer surface to withstand the knocks and bumps of repeated transportastion storage and installation and also allow any type of paint or glue to be applied.
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