Polystyrene Shapes

Expanded polystyrene can be made into virtually any shape or size. Builders void forms can be made quickly and accuarately making it an excellent medium for shapes and building voids.

We can also cut or carve polystyrene to make giant replica products for exhibitions and displays. Polystyrene is also a good medium for film and stage props. We have several production companies on our books.

Polystyrene void forms.
Polystyrene can be cut to any shape for builders voids. Its very easily broken or burnt out once the concrete or cement surrounding it has set. Polystyrene is very lightweight and easly transported and managed on site.

Polystyrene replica products.
You can display your products giant fashion at corporate events with life size or larger than life polystyrene replicas. Once painted they look incredibly lifelike and are a great way to make an impression at corporate events and exhibitions.

Polystyrene film and stage props.
Polystyrene can be carved into virtually anything from simple two dimensional cutouts for background props to detailed lifelike three dimensional props. Very easy for rapid set changes as large items can be lifted by one person.

Finishing and painting.
Shapes are quoted in plain white unfinished polystyrene. We can offer a painting and finishing sevice on request. For one time or limited use polystyrene shapes are best painted in a non solvent based paint such as emulsion or acrylic.

For repeated or long term use we recommend a coating of tissue or crepe paper and PVA before painting. This will stregthen the outer surface to withstand the knocks and bumps of repeated transportastion, storage and installation and also allow any type of paint or glue to be applied.

Below is a selection of some polystyrene shapes we have supplied.

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