Polystyrene Spheres

Manufacturers and suppliers of expanded polystyrene balls and spheres. Small one inch balls to giant ten feet spheres. Molded and wire cut spheres available.

Smaller molded and wire cut balls are kept in stock. We can ship polystyrene balls and spheres nationwide. Delivery can be arranged for larger sectional spheres.

Small spheres.
We keep several small sizes of molded polystyrene spheres in stock. We also keep three inch hot wire cut spheres in stock. Polystyrene spheres can be wire cut in one solid piece up to approximately 8-9 inches. Small spheres can be cut to order up to these sizes.

We can also cut polystyrene egg shapes up to the same measurements. A very popular seasonal prop and decoration

Large spheres.
We can cut larger polystyrene spheres in sections any size although the sections become difficult to manage over ten feet in diameter.

Finishing and painting.
Spheres are quoted in plain white unfinished polystyrene. We can offer a painting and finishing sevice on request. For one time or limited use polystyrene spheres are best painted in a non solvent based paint such as emulsion or acrylic.

For repeated or long term use we recommend a coating of tissue or crepe paper and PVA before painting. This will stregthen the outer surface to withstand the knocks and bumps of repeated transportastion storage and installation and also allow any type of paint or glue to be applied

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