Stock Cartons

We supply a range of stock cardboard boxes ideal for packaging, storage and house moving. Single and double wall cartons available. Large and small boxes allways in stock.

From sturdy large double wall cartons to minature boxes a few inches square. Ideal for shipping items large and small. We stock numerous sizes, listed below are our most popular sizes which are allways in stock.

House moving boxes.
Our most popular house moving cardboard carton. A robust double wall cardboard box. Can be shipped nationwide. Dimensions: 500mm X 600mm X 400mm

Stationary sizes.
Standard A4 box. Very popular universally known size. Ideal multi purpose carton. Made from light weight single wall cardboard. Dimensions:
305mm X 229mm X 229mm

Standard A3 box. Very popular universally known size. Ideal multi purpose carton. Available in single and double wall cardboard. Dimensions:450mm X 300mm X 225mm

Cube box.
Another very popular size known as the cube because of its equal dimensions. Strong box made from double wall cardboard. Dimension: 305mm X 305mm X 305mm

Square box.
Another popular multi porpose box. Square in shape (width & length) made from strong double wall cardboard. Dimensions: 457mm X 457mm X 305mm

Vynil LP record box.
After countless requests from our regular ebay sellers we produced a purpose made fold up carton for packaging vinyl records, holds up to 7 LP's, the maximum permitted by air mail.

Non stock sizes.
The following sizes are allways available but may have a lead time of up to seven days. Minimum order 25 boxes.

Single wall sizes.
76mm X 76mm X 127mm
127mm X 127mm X 127mm
229mm X 152mm X 152mm (A5)
280mm X 215mm X 205mm
450mm X 300mm X 225mm (A3)
508mm X 305mm X 305mm

Double wall sizes.
235mm X 235mm X 343mm
305mm X 229mm X 229mm (A4)
450mm X 30mm0 X 225mm (A3)
457mm X 457mm X 457mm
610mm X 610mm X 610mm
790mm X 595mm X 700mm
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